NewsOur website is now live!

Our website is now live!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website.

The old website of Cork Tree Grip has been closed and renewed with a new domain in the year of 2022.

With the growing social demands such as the SDGs, we have decided that it is our mission to actively promote this ecological and sustainable product that uses natural materials and emits almost no CO2 in the manufacturing process.

It goes without saying that this product has excellent characteristics as a golf grip.
We hope you will take it in your hands and try its unique feel and design.

We will continue to work on expanding our services, including the development of new products using cork wood.

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A world’s first cork golf grip! Taking advantage of the characteristics of natural material cork, such as “lightness,” “water resistance,” “anti-slip,” “shock absorption,” and “anti-bacteria”.
We have achieved a feeling that is almost the same when it’s dried and when it’s wet.
This wonderful feeling and the unique design with cork have being attracting many golfers!
And most importantly, it is earth-friendly.


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